Wednesday, February 22, 2006

monkey rights

Woman works on legal status for her monkey
ATLANTA, Feb. 21 (UPI) -- A Georgia woman has discovered that owning a monkey can get really complicated.

Heather Zabor acquired Duncan, her capuchin monkey, nine years ago when she was living in Florida. She had an exotic pet license and had to prove that she had worked with capuchins for 1,000 hours.

Zabor left Duncan with her parents in Ocala when she moved to the Atlanta area six years ago. Now, she has bought her own house and wants Duncan at home with her.

But in Georgia, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports, she must get an exotic wild animal permit, which is available only to breeders and exhibitors. She has lined up a female monkey for Duncan -- which would make her a breeder -- but also needs a zoning exemption allowing her to keep the monkeys at her house in Mableton.

So Duncan and his prospective mate remain in legal limbo while Zabor works on allowing him to become a legal Georgia resident.


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